Established in 1991, Gracott Industries is part of a group of companies whose Engineering Division has over 50 years experience in manufacturing to the plumbing and hardware industry.

A national company with its Head Office in Braeside, Victoria, Gracott also has agents in Tasmania (Don-El Sales Pty Ltd).

Our product range comprises:

  • Twin Combo Showers
  • Mini Twin Combos
  • Handshowers
  • Wallshowers on Arms
  • Wallshowers
  • Wallshower Arms
  • Handsets
  • Adjustable Rails
  • Luxury items
  • Bathroom Accessories

and is available at most bathroom and plumbing outlets.

Our European Suppliers:

ISA Idrosanitaria

Watermark & Wels:

All gracott products are watermarked and Wels Compliant.